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Champagne Adam-Jaeger, located on three different terroirs, offers a new way. Our different champagnes, varietal or from a single terroir, blend or vintage, follow on from three generations of wine-growers. Our experience, deeply tied to our soils, rests on the perfect mastery of the savoir-faire and of the soul of our terroirs. The phrase “Terroir champagne” thus gets all its meaning.

Champagne Adam-Jaeger offers wines that are appreciated for their precision, their fineness, their ethereal aspect, and a style, based on freshness and delicacy, that favors blanc de blancs.

Our vineyard is seeking the “Haute Valeur Environnementale” certification, a label delivered by the French Department of Agriculture. Each one of our operations is adapted to the terroir…

Virginie et Régis bring a breath of fresh air while following in their parents and grandparents’ footsteps. With passion, they foster the family values and keep on promoting the champagnes of their origin.

Grape variety and terroir

Settled in the east of the Champagne region, on Mont de Berru, champagneAdam-Jaeger combines savoir-faire and traditions.

The attention brought to very different soil natures and the use of a “tailored” viticulture allow us to reach an exceptional level of grape maturity.

This precision work respects biodiversity and cares about environmental principles.

The Vineyard in Berru

The Chardonnay from the vineyard in Berru is appreciated for its mineral character, its fineness, and its refinement. Its geographical location, that is its hillsides, are ideally exposed and profit from limestone undergrounds. The omnipresent chalk allows for a unique mineral nutrition. There, the Chardonnay acquires an aromatic fineness and delicate notes with a floral touch.

The Marne Valley

The Pinot Meunier from the vineyard in Reuil is a soft grape variety that adapts easily and that can soften some cuvées. By making its way through the cuesta, the river Marne sculpted a wonderful valley; the vineyard is implanted between its two banks. Limestone is rather deep and the soils are argillaceous limestone or marlacious limestone. The Champagnes from the Marne valley have a beautiful color and are full of odors reminding one of yellow tropical fruit or of mild spices.

The Côte des Bar

The Pinot Noir from the vineyard in Gyé sur Seine brings structure to blends and wonderfully prepares the wine to aging.

This series of slopes made of stony contrasting soils with shallow alluvium gives to Pinot Noir a flavor of red fruit, citrus fruit and exotic fruit.


Our Champagnes reflect our soils and undergrounds. Completed by the work of the wine-grower at each step of their creation, “Beautiful Cuvées” will be made.

Always looking for perfection, the men and women working to elaborate the Adam Jaeger Champagnes know how to make bear fruit to this land exposed to weather variations, using a “tailored” viticulture adapted to each of the parcels that are often designed by suggestive names: “Beautiful Eye”, “The Church’s room”, “The Ladder”…


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